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Key Account Manager (voormalige medewerker) –  Den Haag24 september 2018
Dit is een bedrijf waar de mens niet telt. Ongestructureerd, geen processen. Absoluut geen fijne werkgever.de werkdruk is veel te hoog en het werk moet met veel te weinig mensen gedaan worden.
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helpdesk medewerker (voormalige medewerker) –  Leidschenveen23 februari 2018
Het is mijn minst prettige werkervaring, het werk lag mij niet.
et inwerken was een drama
kan ik niet bedenken
Het inwerken was een drama
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Versatile Projects with the chance of growing within the company
1st Mechanic (voormalige medewerker) –  Leidschendam, ZH10 november 2015
The work place was exciting for most of the projects I worked on were in a pilot phase, where there was a need to think and act in a certain way. My job was to build new elevators, manage a team and communicate with the building site managers to co-use the working area as optimal as possible without hindering each other.

I learned a lot during my time with Kone, before I came to Kone I had a little experience at managing a project. Kone guided me through the phases of doing this and I think that this made me to a far better person for the work I did later. Also I learned a lot about electrics, I wasn't properly educated as an electrician but at some point and after the trainings I received I developed my electrical skills to a satisfactory level.

The management of Kone was friendly, of course there were targets to achieve but if those targets were made there was a relaxed atmosphere where there was room for ideas and support (both on a professional and personal level). Kone was strict in keeping its employers up to date for when it came to training therefor it was required to do several trainings, also they promoted extra training like fault finding and first aid.
During the time I worked there we had meetings for at least twice a year to discuss what we wanted from each other and to see if there was anything that could be done to make things easier.

My co-workers were sometimes people hired through agencies, here were people that didn't quite meet the needs for the job they were hired for, but in general there was the opportunity to change them for more suitable people.
  meer... The colleagues who worked for Kone were people who understood their work and I had the idea that we were all quite sociable together, for example we had regular days out as a team.

For me back then the hardest part of the work was the region I was working in. I worked for Special Projects and most of the projects were on the other side of the country, this made that I had to get out of bed very early and be back home very late or that I was spending my time in hotels. Due to my situation back then this was the main reason I gave up my job and started my own business.

The best part of the job was the result of hard work, great working lifts that were at least better as the previous ones or better as the competitors versions. Also working with pilots was a great part for sure. For me there is nothing better as being able to contribute to a great product, pilots are a fantastic way of doing this. In a sense I still enjoy the fact that I have been part of a great company that gave me so much that I still use today.
Training, High Standard of work, Friendly, Caring, Salary, Bonus, Car, Phone
traveling time
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