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Conveys data and trends on product calibrations repairs to appropriate person or department to assure customer satisfaction. For more information please visit:
Convert data product prototypes to data products. You will work together with architects, data scientists and business owners to build and manage data solutions…
ConSol Partners
Message brokers and data streaming. As a DevOps engineer for ConSol Partners’ client you will: Experience with systems design with high-traffic of data.
Imperial Tobacco
Responsible for reviewing battery test data to ensure batteries are compliant. This person will be supporting a team of process, automation and mechanical…
Ensuring repeatability across our global data centers. We are looking to grow our team of Data Center Engineers in Amsterdam to help us keep our in-house…
As junior Data Engineer M2 Platform. The data pipeline should therefore be very adaptable to new forecasts, scale to reasonably large data (eg:
Randolph Claus, Data Engineer “As a data engineers we make sure that we really understand the needs of our stakeholders before we dive into, different databases…
Experience in traditional data warehousing / ETL tools. The ability to work across structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, extracting information…
Through our own network (with the support of several interconnected data centers) we supply professional mobile, telephony and data services using progressive…
Cisco seeks for a Consulting Engineer for SP & Enterprise in Customer Experience to help with project delivery. Experience with few of the either: